We joined a CSA …

You guys when I heard about a great little CSA from the wonderful farmers we get our eggs and chicken from, I just had to learn more.

Shared Legacy Farms is locally run and owned (of course) by some very nice people. So after looking into, I was very interested. Well after talking with hubby, with his concerns about too much extra between our garden and the CSA I came up with an idea.

So then I talked with my mom. I told her about the farm and my plan. We would split the bundle. But instead of just splitting it we would pick up the basket and have a family meal made with the ingredients from our basket.

This accomplished two things. 1) I get to cook with and/or for my family with ingredients maybe we are not so familiar with and are “forced” to try something new. (This is very important in my opinion!!!)
2) I am for sure having 1 meal a week with Hubby, my boys, and my parents. (Family time is the most important thing to me, Family is everything!)

So one night while at my parents house I showed them the website and we jumping in and bought a CSA share! I am very much looking forward to this new experience. Plus this is a new farm that my boys and I haven’t been to so I am looking forward to it.

I am so excited as last night we picked up our first of 18 shares! They were organized, nice, and ready for the crowd. I was very impressed. But after all the emails and prep they did even before we picked up last night, it really should have come as no surprise.

Emails all along with what to expect and tips and tricks. They also created a private Facebook page just for CSA members so we could interact and share ideas! Then on Sunday they send an email reminding you of pick-up AND what is coming in your basket. Not only that but they also tell you how to store, ones you need to with-in 2-3 days, and some recipe ideas.


So we get to the farm and they send you home with a tote that you bring back next week and switch it out for the new one! Its quick easy and AWESOME!!! I was able to buy these strawberries, as an extra … can I just say YUM! Now the next plan is to make Angel Food cake (Hubby’s favorite!)


I hope you have a great week!

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