Garden update …

Holy cow you guys.  Sooooo I have not updated you lately. If you have read my blog in the past you know my seeds and I didn’t get along this year. (If you are new … well now you know)

Well I guess once the plants were outside the decided the were going to perk up!

These cucumber plants do not want to be trained. But there are a ton of flowers and that makes me excited.

Looks at all these tomatoes and plants!

These are my zucchini plants. I am so excited … by the way this is Hubby and he is 6 foot. Holy large plant!

The strawberry plants have kept me busy cutting the flowers and runners so they root well.

My asparagus well they are a fuzzy mess. I am sure that next year will be a wonderful harvest of yumminess.


This is one of three basil.  I’m try to really get them to bush out.

My lettuce and carrots are coming along.



My sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are growing well too!

My watermelons were not going to be planted this year. We were not going to plant the corn or beans. Well hubby decided to give it a try. They are much smaller then they should be at this point but we shall see!

I hope your gardens are happy and you are enjoying the fruits of your labor.


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