Beautiful Weekend (Camping part II)

My loves and I went camping this past weekend. The best part was my parents joined us for the weekend. It was so much fun.  The weather was perfect. There was nowhere we had to be.

My phone was put away most of the time … it’s always nice to unplug. We went on bike rides, walks, to the beach on the lake, and enjoyed sitting around. I got some time to work on my knitting.

There are lots of pretty wild flowers all around. We saw some deer … thanks to the great vision of my young gentlemen.

The fires are always enjoyed!! These fire rings are ones I have not come across before. There was a metal ring on the outside, it was then filled with concrete and then a metal ring inside. It was a little tall for my liking, as you couldn’t see the fire  as easily. But they worked well.

Before we left we had to take care of our garden.  Wow it grew like crazy this week. A ton of rain over night and sunny days I guess was just what it needed.

We picked these before we left:







I can tell you a LOT of Chocolate Chip Bread is in my future. I do love having that in my freezer for fall and winter snack and breakfast items.


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