Thankful for the bounty

You know a couple of years ago I read a story about a small town where everyone knows everyone. In this story they talk about how safe the community is that no one locks their doors at night.  However this time of year you have to remember to lock your car.  So you are not visited by the friendly zucchini fairy.  Better known as a neighbor who has more zucchini then they know what to do with. It made me crack up when I read it.

I never really understood that story . . . Until this year that is.

Those have all grown in this week.  We have one that both hubby and I missed somehow. It’s HUGE! I try not to let them get that big normally.  But it happens.

Then we have these two. They are from the same plant.  I do not know what on earth is going on. Strange right?!?

So now how do I use or save them.  I like to sauté them up on the stove top, over the grill, or roast them in the oven.

food saver I also peel and shred them to make zucchini bread and muffins with. I will do a bunch at once then measure out what I need for each recipe and freeze it in a foodsaver. Then dead of winter I can still make chocolate chip bread from my garden. I have 5 single batch and 3 double batch amounts ready to go.

Then I give to those who want them. then to finish off the supply I become the zucchini fairy. But I always ask first … well I ask if they like zucchini and if they are growing their own. If they say they like them but are not growing … Its game on!

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