Camping Part III

Ok, so we went camping again. Friday we got a little later start that I planned. Between work, my garden, and getting everything packed up we didn’t leave until about the time I wanted to be getting here.

As we were driving we headed for some very dark clouds. I was busy knitting so I didn’t take a picture. Well we got here backed the camper into the spot. I had just gotten it plugged in then set the boys up inside while hubby was starting to put up the awning.

Downpour baby like serious rain. Hubby was stuck outside, I was inside with the boys and fur boy. Wowzer.

Hubby finally got himself inside the camper without causing damage to the awning since it wasn’t all the way up yet. Yep great start! But it was ok because hotdogs were on the menu so we just cooked them up inside. It was 7ish by the time that hubby said I am going to level and detach, it’s only lightly raining.

See this … yep that is the door handle. It broke off in hubby’s hand, Friday night when we were trying to get the boys ready for bed. you might not be able to tell by this picture but there was nothing really left to open the door with. Had it not been for hubby’s grip strength, we would have been crawling out the emergency windows. So, Saturday was spent driving 30 minutes away today get the part needed to fix the door.


Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. With a strong breeze blowing in the morning so I used my sweatshirt in the shade but over all it was great!!! Pup got in plenty of naps. We got this bed for him so maybe he would relax a little better while camping … I think he liked it, he also likes sleeping on me.

Saturday evening was spent with my dad and also later my mom! I love when they come out to meet up with us or come with us all together. It’s great memories for all and so much fun! Cornhole is always a fun game.

Sunday started with instant coffee of sorts. A nice fire so we could cook our eggs, left over steak and potatoes, well at least that was the plan.
Instead we cooked bacon over the fire and tried someone new …
Egg, cheese and bacon pudgy pie!!!! Yummy!!!!

Then a bike ride before we hitched up and headed out. It was another great family weekend that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

So I didn’t know you could cook eggs in the pudgy pie irons. I would love to know what else I am missing out on food wise for camping. What are your go to camping meals??

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