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Getting ready for a later date

So I have talked in the past about the giving of food. Well there are some very special people I know, who are going through some stuff.

So this week I wanted to make some stuff to ease their life even if just a little. So I made two dinners to deliver. I also make cookie dough that I froze so when they wanted cookies they could just pop some in the oven. I also made some Blueberry Banana Bread.

Then since I had roasted some of Weber’s chickens to make some dinners I made some yummy bone stock, which is really good for you.

It’s like a 3 day process for me. Oh I added some of my healthy organic Shared Legacy Farms veggies for added benefits.

I also had purchased two 10 pound boxes of Michigan Blueberries. So I made that bread but also pie filling. 14 jars of pie filling to be exact! Yum!


Of course since my cucumber plants took off I had a bunch of cucumbers to deal with. I canned them as dill pickle spears. I got 11 jars. That’s after giving away and eating a bunch of the cucumbers already.


Now we are camping and I am enjoying every second (yes even the fights) life is precious! Enjoy it!

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