Garden is loving this weather!

So a garden update, this has been a good summer so far. We are blessed with more zucchini, then I  currently know what to do with.

Now my tomatoes are also coming out beautiful. The plants are almost all over my head in height. I already have 2 Gallon sized ziplock bags with frozen tomatoes in my deep freeze. I also have a cookie sheet with tomatoes freezing right now. I am looking forward to learning how to make ketchup this year. Then also making much more spaghetti sauce. These are just some of what was picked today.

I also have gotten some green beans, which we planted later than normal so I’m excited about these. It may not be a whole lot but it is enough for a first pick especially since we weren’t sure we would even get any.
Then of course our pepperoncini peppers are ready to pick and pickle! Yummy! These were new to us this year and I am excited about it!


So how are your gardens doing? I hope you have a bounty of garden blessings!

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