F A I R, need I say more?!?

The leaves are changing colors. The air is getting cooler. My kids are back in school … that can only mean ONE thing!

I am always so very excited for this weekend. (I still think there are pigs flying around somewhere) I never in a Million years thought I would enjoy let alone be so excited for a fair. For a couple of reasons:

1) there are a ton of people
2) the rides freak me out
3) the smell well, let’s just say I also hope we are not down wind!
4) bugs
5) and GERMS

But I do love this time. My boys love the animals and trains. Hubby and I enjoy walking the vendor booths and seeing the kiddos faces. I am going to let you in on HOW I am able to handle my above list … my in-laws have a camper in the fairgrounds. If I didn’t have that camper to escape the crowds / smells, I wouldn’t be able to be there all weekend. The other amazing part of it is real food at the camper. Keeps me sane.


Ohhhh the fair food! Fat Guy’s funnel cakes (I had already started eating when I realized I needed a picture), music boosters donuts, chocolate milk shakes for me. (Wow my sweet tooth is showing) Hubby has to have his sausage sandwiches and French fries. And our boys well if I can get them out of the dirt long enough milk shakes, donuts, and corn dogs. The noodles were a new try this year … and now a must!


We always walk around and see the animals and fight the urge to bring home any or all of the baby animals (which normally includes puppies, chickens, goats, kittens, and sometimes pigs). We have never sat through a 4H showing. At least not the whole thing. I wonder if that is something the boys will get into, hmmm a thought for another day.

You guys, this tiny bunny is soooo cute. it’s called a LION HEAD! For real, if I had half a second of possibility to sneak that thing in my purse it would have been done! SO SO SO stinking cute!!!


I hope you all have had a fun weekend! Enjoy your Labor Day. Please be safe and continue to keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers.

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