Garden is put to bed

The feature image was taken mid-summer, and makes me happy to see all that beautiful green. Now, I haven’t posted about the garden in a while. I got a little frustrated at the end of the season, my bell peppers hardly produced. My basil gave me some but I think it got crowded out by ALL the tomato plants.

The potatoes did well enough for us. The sweet potatoes went crazy, in a strange way. And the Tomatoes … well the tomatoes went crazy too, in the producing kind of way. Also the carrots did ok for the first year. You guys when they say thin or plant so far apart they mean it.

Now that we are officially into cold weather, the gardens are tucked in for winter. The dead tomato, basil, dill, and pepper plants are all pulled. The strawberry plants to trimmed down and covered with straw for winter – goodness I hope they make it with all the time we put into them this year. We have had snow and it has already melted away, so it’s a good thing we finished – well we got as far as we did. Next year I want to til and have every single bed ready for planting without work in the spring — hahaha, RIIIIIGHT!

The asparagus is chopped and also covered for winter. The potato have been pulled and cured and are in storage.

We have tilled a few of the beds so they are ready in the spring. Some need some more compost added back in. Its been another year of learning. I do love my tomatoes but I will not plant as many next year. I currently have enough Pasta sauce and ketchup to last a long WHILE, for which I am VERY THANKFUL.

So what do I want next year: Strawberries (tucked in for winter!) so DONE, Tomatoes, Squash, Zucchini, Carrots, Lettuce, Basil, Parsley, and Dill for sure. I want to maybe try Watermelon and Spaghetti Squash. I also KNOW Hubby plans on Corn next year. SO I guess when the holidays are over planning begins again!

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