Happy New Year!

I am sitting down to write you this message on New Years Eve. I hope this blog finds you well. Wishing you a safe and fun-filled celebration tonight!

This year we are going to dear friends house to celebrate with them and some very sweet ladies who came in from out-of-town. We are so blessed to have all of these people in our lives. Friends, Food, and Fun – great way to ring in the new year!

I also wanted to share a little story with you. Our lil man has had communication issues since he was small. He has a speech delay. He is currently working with his amazing teachers and a speech pathologist. He has made great strides and we are super proud of him. So this story is about him and his favorite cooking show.

Yes, my lil man loves to watch cooking shows with me, well 1 cooking show. I always have something on the TV, I need the noise. Normally I turn on the Pioneer Woman. I haven’t tried a dish of hers I didn’t like. Anyway, my lil man when asked what do you want to watch, thank you DVR, will  often respond the Red Hair Cooking Lady.

Now remember he has a speech delay so when he says a full sentence like this and I can completely understand what he is saying it makes my heart happy. But he will pick this show over paw patrol, puppy dog pals, etc.

So last night at almost 9:00pm I got onto The Pioneer Woman website and scrolled to the bottom to the contact me section and sent an email. I figured she would not respond because I am sure she gets millions of emails. I was expecting if anything an automated email along the lines of thank you for your email have a great day.

Boy was I wrong, by 9:00am this morning I had an email back. I don’t know if it was really Ree who sent it, but it doesn’t matter. It was personal, used my name and referenced information from my email to her. I am going to choose to believe it was her, but even if it was someone who works for her it is still her influence that they would respond so nicely.


I read that response email to my lil man and he got the biggest smile on his face. I mean a simple tell him red-haired cooking lady says hi and he was over the moon. He made me promise I would take him to see the real red hair cooking lady, because he loves her. So sometime I will have to take my little family to see her store, and fingers crossed she happens to be there that day!

So moral of the story you can be a little child or a big important person and if you take the time to send a little note or a little love you can truly change someone’s day!

Spread love in 2018! Wishing you a happy, healthy, love filled 2018!!!

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