Weekend just us!

My hubby and I take a weekend away once a year. Last year it was to my cousin’s wedding in another state and his parents stayed at our house with our boys.

This year my parents are staying with them so we could go to the wedding of a high school friend. This wedding was out in California.

I am so lucky to have a hubby who is willing to spend our weekend away for the last two years celebrating the love of other people who are saying their vows.

Plus this weekend I got to be a surprise guest! While flying I was nervous about the surprise visit. My high school friend had no idea I was coming. The love of her life planned it all with me. How sweet!!!

Here are some images of the beautiful day.

Added bonus it was -1 at my house when we were headed to the airport and wedding day in Cali was 62!

Hubby and I got to put our toes in the sand, and spend some of Friday and all of Sunday just us! We spent time in Santa Monica putting our toes in the sand, and taking a beach walk. We went to 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica too. Then we drove up the PCH and enjoyed the view. It was so beautiful! We enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at Duke’s while in Malibu then headed back down the coast. Then we headed to Venice and walked the boardwalk. It was an interesting time. There were a ton of vendors, some interesting characters, and a ton of dogs and even a cat on a leash.

Actually on Friday it was 75!!!! Such a beautiful weekend.


However getting away from home always reminds me how much my quite home means to me. It also reminds me I am not a big fan of busy cities. 4 to 5 lanes of traffic both ways. Nope! Where I am from we call this type of road an expressway… in Cali it is called a freeway, due to the fact that there is nothing express about it.

Lol I guess I’m a little more country than I thought.

It was such a fun weekend. I am so thankful for my parents for watching our boys and taking such great care of them. I am thankful for my time with just my Hubby. I am thankful I was able to be there for my friend’s wedding. All around I am a blessed Lady! Have a wonderful week all!

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