Seeds and Planning

First of all I wanted to start by saying Happy Valentines Day! If you love someone let them know everyday, and today is just a reminder of that!!

Well anyway if you have been reading my blog for a while you might have realized I love to plan. I like to know what I am doing for my garden before even a hint of spring is in the air. There is no hint of spring yet as you can see from this picture.

It wasn’t even mid January and Hubby and I had already sat down and figured out what we are planting. So now we know when we need to order seeds (now, lol). We also know when he need to start each item.

If you remember from the past I have a printed up picture of my gardens in my back yard. Well that has been filled in, updated, changed, and notes written. We have some boxes to remove this year, they just didn’t produce like we wanted. We will be expanding the strawberries box this year so we can allow a second row of plants to grow.

So this year we are planning on growing:

Garlic (Need to order)
Onion (Need to order)
Celery (Need to order)
Peppers (bell and pablano) (Need to order)
Strawberries – we will train the runners to go to the added on section.
Pole Beans (Need to order)
Squash (Need to order)
Yellow Squash

In the past we have done potatoes, in a vertical grow method. It works fine, if you keep up with it. We however are not a family that eats a lot of potatoes, so we are not going to grow them this year.  We also tried sweet potatoes last year and they grew really funky and I just don’t want to deal with those this year.

Oh one thing we are changing for this year. We are going to make signs to go in with the plants that describe how they are supposed to be watered. That way we are making sure they are being watered properly for where they are in their growth cycle. I haven’t decided how I want them to look so it will be interesting to see what I come up with.

Some seeds will need to be started next month – wish me luck. So have you started to plan your gardens?

2 thoughts on “Seeds and Planning

  1. First planting plans are complete, but still working on succession plantings and fall garden. I get so busy with preserving and summer garden work that the “Oops! The fall broccoli should have been seeded two weeks ago” moment happens far too easily without a complete plan.


    1. Oh its so nice to know others have the oops moment as well. To be honest I always have intentions of trying a fall garden but then life happens. Hopefully this year will be my year!i also love preserving and I can get focused on one part more than the other.


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