Seeding Again

Since winter is being grumpy and not leaving us alone I am suffering with MAJOR spring fever! I explored my yard about a week ago before vacation and found these little guys trying their hardest to usher spring in!

Then we left on vacation to sunny Arizona. Sunshine and warmth. It was wonderful but made my spring fever worse.

Since we were going on a week-long vacation we couldn’t start our seeds when we wanted to start them. So we came home and planted our first set seeds the next day. We started our ancho peppers, wonder peppers, and pepperoncini peppers. We also started our 5 varieties of tomatoes. Yum! We also started celery, but we are stager planting those so they are not all ready at once. Then basil, chives, lemon balm were all started.

So we planted those Sunday and they looked like this on Thursday.

Then the very next day, Friday. Two more kinds of tomato came up over night. It always amazes me!

On Sunday we went through all the growing seedling and thinned them. It is such a very hard thing for me to do. I hate throwing away a plant that is growing. Last year I only did one seed per pod and then I paid for it in the end, bad growing season last year. so we planted two seeds per pod this year so thinning was my only option. So we only kept the strongest looking plant in each pod.

Then Wednesday HOLY COW!!! All the tomatoes are growing, the basil is too. The lemon balm is growing well – now lemon balm is going to stay in the pot it was planted in and will be covered once it goes to flower because I have heard it is like mint and will take over, but it helps with mosquitos so for me its worth the risk…maybe? The chives are showing some green too! The peppers haven’t broken through the dirt yet neither has the celery set 1. So we shall see what happens.

Hubby was outside all weekend prepping the gardens and checking the beds out. However he found a sad discovery, A momma bunny dug in our strawberry bed and had 3 babies, but the weather was so crazy and they were not sheltered enough so all three died. Lucky for me he found them while our boys were not with him and he cleaned out the whole area. He even removed extra dirt and added fresh back in. Ok so the gardener in me is thankful those 3 babies will not be growing by eating my plants, the mom in me is a little sad.

So our first seeds are started. Our next round of seeds will be started in a couple of weeks. Oh hurry up spring I am soooo excited to see you again old friend.

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