Spring Has Finally Sprung!

So it is finally feeling like spring around here. 60,70,80 degree weather. Some of my tulips came up again this year plus some daffodils. But sadly the number of each is much less than last year.

Now my seedlings are doing well, the tomato plants had to move out of the green house and are sitting on a table in my kitchen. I have started the hardening off process with them.

Carrots and lettuce are out in the ground. So hopefully those will produce nicely for us.

The wonder peppers are doing ok. We only had 3 grow. We did get more seeds so we may start some more but I don’t know that it is worth it.

The ancho peppers are doing well so I’m happy about that.

The basil is growing nicely as well as the lemon balm. The chives however died, sad but true.

So we need to plant the next round of seeds. Parsley, zucchini, squash, cucumber are next on our list. Looks to be a busy planting weekend for us.

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