Getting Ready For Camping Season

Getting the camper ready was a lot more work than I was expecting. Since this is our first year with a camper of our own. So it is cleaned, stocked, and ready to go. Phew it took a little while for me to get everything organized. We are still working out the kinks, I have moved and reorganize already while on our first trip.

Before we left home the first time we got the tomato, basil, and pepper plants all in the ground. The squash, carrots, lettuce, and watermelon are also all planted.

The fluffy girls were moved to their new home. Not going to lie I was done with the girls in the house, the smell was really starting to bug me. They seem happy and have a lot of room to roam.

Then after only a week outside tragedy struck. We believe it was a raccoon. He got 9 out of 12 of our girls. Very sad. The three girls who are left, one of each kind are in shock.

Because we got chickens for the eggs we made the decision to add to our flock. So I once again have chicks in my house, but this time a WHOLE LOT MORE! 25 to be exact. img_7841

So again the smell, sounds, cleaning and mess are back in my house. But let the fun begin.

Happy camping and healthy happy chickens!

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