So we are still working toward getting the camper storage just right. We will get there I am sure. I am also trying to make sure I pack the correct amount of food just in case plans change because of weather. I learned that the small cabinets over the table and couch are NOT good for food. They heat up too much … we had chocolate puddles in chocolate bar wrappers.

This past weekend we checked out a new campsite. We also went from Friday through Monday giving us a little extra time. It is summer after all so we might as well enjoy it while we can. My parents joined us for some of the time this weekend. The boys just LOVE when Mana and Papa join us! It was nice to have the distraction as we found on Friday morning our last three original chicks were attached in the night. Our poor girls.


We headed out on Friday for the 2.5 hours drive. Food was packed and ready for the weekend. We normally have eggs, bacon, pancakes, burgers, chicken, pudgy pies, hotdogs, cold meat sandwiches, s’mores, snacks, and puppy chow to name a few. We added sloppy joes which turned into Very Yummy Pudgy Pies, I highly recommend it!

We also snagged my in-laws small fridge that they use when at the fair. It is key when there are so many people who want cold drinks because there is just not enough space in the fridge for food and drinks. Worked out perfectly!!

So bike rides, corn hole, walks, phase 10, beach/water time, and just relaxing. Is there a better way to spend the weekend? This pup of ours, yep he’s got the life!


Hubby also of course had to have fires! He loves to have fires! And lil man loves to roast marshmallows. And I LOVE to eat smores, so it all works well.


Oh and incase you were wondering about our 25 lil chicks, our neighbor and partner in this chicken adventure took them for the weekend. We changed the bedding before we left so that they wouldn’t have to worry about it. Plus it is something I like the boys to be involved with. We also had one lil chick who was sick pass away. It been a little rough but we are all learning so much.

We came home to strawberries that needed picking. Seeds that needed replanting. Laundry and you know life goes on.

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