Learning about Life, through chicks

So we started on an adventure with our neighbors of raising chicks so that we can have farm fresh eggs. I love the farm fresh eggs I get from Webers Ranch but I cant always get to the farmers market before they sell out. (Everyone loves there stuff, cuz its soooo good)

Well we went and picked out 12 girls. We raised them IN our home for weeks. Named some of them, Miss Falcon, Duck, Chipmunk, Cuddles, Stripes, Squeakers, and Silverhead. Cleaned their container, gave them outside time, gave them treats, cuddled them multiple times a day, fresh water and food. Then it was time for them to go to their coop at the farm.

Hubby, A and the boys spent an entire day clearing trash, digging post holes, burying posts and fencing, stretching fence, covering the top so birds of prey cannot get our girls. Coop cleaned lined with wood shavings, a full feeder and full water the girls moved in. They were so happy with all the space to be outside, and the cozy warm coop to perch at night.

Then one week in and a raccoon got to our girls at night and killed 5 on the spot and made 4 disappear without a trace. I was MAD, SAD, and annoyed. So we took extra precaution with our last 3 girls. Locked the coop door at night to keep them safe.

We still wanted to have eggs and 3 girls were not going to be enough for all of us, so we got more chicks. Yep 25 lil girls not fill our container, we will have to figure out something bigger very soon since that’s the biggest container we have. So now we have 3 bigger girls and 25 lil girls. As well as a laundry list of things to do to the coop and run to keep them safe.

Electric fence, rocks, hardware cloth all to update the coop. However one week to the night, that raccoon came back and this time opened the locked door and got our last three big girls! NOW IM PISSED!!! My chickens not yours you dang raccoon! SO more research to how to keep them out. A serious lock is needed.

Update the coop door to a weighted pully system with a bar lock, hardware cloth under the coop, more rocks, motion lights and some live traps set out to catch that darn thing. We are also clearing the bushes that are nearby so there is less cover.

So now our new lil girls are in my house, we are cleaning the bin, giving them outside time, cuddles multiple times a day, fresh water and food. No names this time, since there are only two kinds and they all look very similar. One was sick and passed away a week after we got them, so now we are down to 24.

I’ve learned bubba gets attached to chickens and the loss was hard. Lil man is a farm boy stuck in the city and was ready for the next group. I actually enjoyed having the original 12 here and learned a lot. Now with the 24 the smell is bad and its only been a week. They Need a larger container so we will have to figure that out. Hero wants to play but forgets his size and hubby thinks its funny that this city girl WANTED to keep the girls here, IN MY HOUSE!

Now on to making the Fort Knox of Chicken Coops so I don’t have to go through that again.

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