Camping must haves

So this city girl has really come to love camping. Well I guess some of you would call it glamping since we use a camper instead of a tent…but give me a break at least I go! So being new to this and actually loving it here is my list of must haves:

1. Awning with lights and a rug. The lights give just enough light in the evening but don’t attract a ton of bugs and the rug keeps the amount of dirt in the camper down! img_8268

2. Bag Chairs. Now we plenty of them but we also have 2 chairs that are a little extreme in the fact that it comes with a footrest and a sunshade, but for a girl who can burn when it is raining outside sometimes that sunshade is necessary! The footrest well that’s just a pure comfort and relaxation thing. Our pup enjoys the chairs too!

3. Crockpot and liners. We can put dinner in the crockpot and go about our day and know dinner will be ready when we are done with fun activities. It also great for the days when the weather is not all that great for fire cooking! The liners make clean up a breeze!img_8273

4. Thermocell and Bug Candles. I seem to attract mosquitos like it is my job. SO we have the thermocell going and bug candles going even in the daytime if necessary. One other thing I do is put my coffee grounds on the fire to repel the bugs as well, which brings me to my next must have…

5. Coffee Maker! There is nothing like sitting out by the morning fire and enjoying a cup of coffee while the camp grounds are still quite! Of course our pup was in my lap for morning cuddles.

6. Grill, a grill grate for the fire, and cast iron griddle – but I think that is a hubby must have because he is the one who cooks on those.img_8299

7. Electric Griddle and a burner. I can cook outside with those two things and not heat up the camper. win win!img_8300-1.jpg

8. Pie irons and roasting sticks. Pudgy pies and s’mores need I say more?!? We made sloppy chicken, turkey with bacon, and a taco one for the adults. The boys just had plain cheese.

9. Bikes. We go for a bike ride almost daily and the kids ride their bikes (or scooters) to keep busy. img_8274.jpg

10. Activities: playing cards, phase ten, knitting, crayons and paper, toys, cornhole, football … well those last few are more for the boys to be honest.

11. Drink fridge. When its hot outside we go through a lot of drinks, so having a small dorm fridge outside filled with waters and pops makes it easier, so there is no in and out of the camper, plus there is more room in the fridge inside for more food.img_8289-1

12. Music and speaker. We never turn it up loud but it is fun to have some music when we are just sitting outside. And if our song comes on we get up and dance.img_8302-1

13. Pop-up tent. We can put it next to the awning to expand the space by the camper for shade or out in the grass area to again provide shade, because I NEED shade to be outside … once again I burn with sunscreen on even when it is cloudy. Now sometimes we take this big tent if the weather forecast isn’t the best, or if we have guests joining us.img_8296

14. Table cloth and clips. Those tables sit out in the elements when not being used and I would rather have a cloth down then put my napkin on the actual table.  img_8294-1

15. Paper plates and plastic silverware. I know I should just wash dishes after every meal … but that is just not going to happen. We do put the silverware in the sink and they get washed in the dishwasher when we get home and put back in the camper. img_8290-1

Those are just a few of my must haves. Other stuff like storage and food can be for another post. Because with my camper I feel like it is my home away from home.


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