Garden is coming along!

The garden is doing well this year, for the most part. The basil is happy, so I am happy. I already have 1 batch of pesto in the freezer, with luck I will have a whole lot more!

The pepper plants are doing well. I have picked pepperoncini already and have a bell pepper on the plant. I need to remember to start the peppers earlier next year … I should put that in my phone!

Hubby dug up the asparagus this year and replanted it, hopefully it will produce better next year. The carrots are growing. After a 3rd planting I am just going to be good with what came up. Plus something is getting into this raised bed and eating the tops, so hopefully they continue to grow!img_8352

Parsley is also growing. Hopefully it will come back beautifully next year too! The lemon balm I have in a pot is doing well. I already cut it back to make a simple syrup and we take the pot camping when we go. I will do anything to keep bugs away!img_8353

The squash and zucchini aren’t doing as well this year as in the past. the seeds didn’t take or the animals ate them. But some finally grew and are doing ok. I just hope to get a good amount because it is our go to side in the summer to have grilled or sautéed squash and zucchini. I have not been able to pick any squash yet, again something got to it before we did.

The Tomatoes are coming in! We have a lot on the vine and some are starting to get a beautiful color to them! YUM!!!

The corn oh my goodness, it seems to grow before my eyes. I feel like it has gained so much height recently, I really hope it tastes good and sweet! In some places it is taller than me, but most is my height, so shorter than most corn fields you see.  img_8359

Cucumbers are happy and producing, so salads are yummy and I have less to buy at the store I have even given some away already! I also use my cucumbers for snacks with some ranch!

Those sun flowers are pretty and growing when the bunnies aren’t eating them…grrrrrr.

The watermelon was growing, I don’t know if we will actually get any watermelon because I would think that they should be growing by now, but it is an experiment…for sure. and yes I said was … once again a critter helped themselves and now there is nothing left. It makes me said and mad at the same time.

Oh this year those japanese beatles are EVERYWHERE! SOOOOO many of them, and they are eating my plants … NOT OK! So, Hubby got one of the bags to attract and catch them…yuck! But is seems to be working. After day 3 of having it there are so many less around, but the amount that was in the bag, which he emptied every night was GROSS. Anyway off to weed all the gardens and flower beds, that is my least favorite part.

Happy Growing All!


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