Getting Ready for our longest camping trip yet …

So we have only ever gone camping for a weekend. This time we are going camping for 5 days. FIVE days! Plus we are lucky enough to have a guest with us.

First of all, making sure we have beds made plus extra pillows and blankets for everyone is easy. Boys bed and our bed is made, the sheets for the table and couch are in the cabinet. I have 4 pillows on our bed plus each of the bunks have pillows so check that off the list. Just making sure we have some blankets for by the fire is all I need to do.

Bag chairs – again we have tons so that is not an issue.

Food is my next concern. I have started by making a list of ideas. So I need 7 lunch and dinner meal ideas. So I am thinking: sloppy chicken, grilled chicken, hamburgers, cold meat sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese, mississippi roast, and pudgy pies. Now I learned just about a year ago about camping gremlins so I now make sure to plan extra meals just in case, in this case it is spaghetti and also hotdog/brats.

Then there is breakfast: eggs, bacon, pancakes, English muffins sandwiches, cereal, and poptarts/granola bars are our go to ideas. I may add a friendship bread option to it.

Sides are little bags of chips (so they don’t get steal), fruit, zucchini, salad, and well I don’t know what else I will have to see.

Desserts are puppy chow, cookies, and smores of course!

Hubby will have to make sure there is plenty of firewood, we cannot run out of that!

So hubby brought the camper home last night. Shopping is done. Beds are made. Clothes are packed … so I’m as ready as I will be today!

What are your favorite camping meals?

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