Coop Knox

Well if you have been following my blog for any length of time you know we started to raise chicken with our neighbors/friends back in the spring. What started as a very happy and exciting adventure ended on a very sad note.

Well we did research on how to make our coop safer, hence “Coop Knox”. Then on Memorial Day my neighbor called and told me we had 25. Yes you read that correctly 25 new ladies to raise and love and learn from.img_7841-2.jpg

Well we once again learned some tough lessons, 1 little lady came to us sick and died within a few days. Her name was squints. Then one morning we woke up to another lady gone. She was not sick and we think she may have just gotten smothered by her sisters in the night.img_7945-1

With 25 girls they quickly outgrew the tub we had the original ladies in until they went to the coop. So hubby and next door hubby worked together to make a bigger enclosure for the ladies. Well they were not going to be staying in our house in that enclosure so to the neighbors garage they went.

The girls are nice and big and all the updates to the coop are done so last night we took them over to their new home. They seemed so very happy. There is water and shade for them outside.

Then in the coop they have their food and another water bucket. They will be very very happy there I am sure! Hubby went over last night to make sure they call had gone into their coop for the night and shut and locked them in. So here is to Coop Knox and these ladies giving us a lot of eggs!

Yes that is an electric fence on the bottom there with the yellow attachment points. There is a new rule for Bubba and Lil Man, they have to stay by the truck/Van until the adult they are with turns off the fencing. Oh and most of these pictures were taken by Bubba, Thanks kiddo for your help!

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