Gardening is not for the easily discouraged!

Ok so let’s face it growing your own veggies sounds, what’s the word… economical. It sounds like fun? It sounds like it will be an adventure, right?!?

Well I am learning that my city girl opinions of bugs was rightly formed! I hate bugs! The dang Japanese beetles were a pain. But hubby got most of them with one of those bug bag things.

Well then we got squash bugs! So when I normally get so many zucchini and squash I don’t know what to do with them all this year I got maybe 5 total! GRRR stupid bugs!!!

Then there are the bunnies, possums, and birds to contend with! So this whole gardening this is not for the faint of heart.

My tomato plants are doing pretty well. Not like last year. The weather has been a little wonky. The tomato werent ready to be picked then we get crazy rain and when I check them again they are all spilt. Or a critter got to them.

Thankfully since we got the chickens with our neighbors those cracked tomatoes are not wasted. They make the girls really happy!

I have lost so many plants and fruits from the plants this year I am rethinking my entire garden next year.

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