Starting seeds

Well we finally started our seeds last weekend. We planned on starting our pepper plants earlier but life got busy. Plus I think to be perfectly honest that I am not suited to have seeds that require different attention. I failed seedlings last year because they were started after the rest and I forgot about them.

So today hubby cleared a spot in the garage for the tabletop A-frame green house. We started our seeds like this when we first started seeds and I believe they did better so we went back to that way. We have black plastic stapled to the tabletop. the lights hanging low and the clear plastic window which can also be covered with the black to help keep the heat in at night.

We got the planting dirt ready and planted 4 different kinds of tomato plants, wonder peppers, basil, and celery. Once they were planted and labeled we got the cover on the tray and into the greenhouse they went. I check on them daily to make sure the soil stays well watered.

Hopefully these seeds will do better this year, than last. And what did I see when I looked outside … snow. It’s tiny and really hard to see in the picture but COME ON!!!! Springtime is officially here accounting to the calendar, how about according to the weather now please!


So have you started your seeds? I know in a couple of weeks we will put our lettuce seeds in the ground and we will start out squash plants inside (shock I know). Happy planting all!

One thought on “Starting seeds

  1. Well, you are farther along than I am. I will be unable to grow much this year, since I will not start until after April, when the space becomes available again. (It is a long story.) Otherwise, our gardens should be well underway now. We do not grow many seedlings inside, just because we have plenty of time to sow them directly. However, I typically purchase seedlings of plants that I only need a few of, especially if they are the sort that get eaten by snails as they germinate in the garden.


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