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Spring is FINALLY seeming like a possibility!

SO, we planted seeds a couple of weekends ago. They are looking nice, we actually plan to transplant them possible this weekend. I like to transplant once their first real leaves come out. Plus they need thinned and I don’t want to kill any so we will be able to save the others that way.


Every time we replant our lil green babies be bury more of the stem to give more surface area for roots to grow. So these lil babies will most likely be transplanted a couple of times. I know they say you shouldn’t disturb the roots that often but it seems to work for us. We always use seed started soil.

BUT our grass, it is looking more and more green everyday. Our lil man says it is because of the chicken we are still nursing back to health. He believes that she is helping our grass. I know she is helping our gardens for sure. She has turned over the soil very nicely. (She is making my job easier)


We also have some flowers that will make my day if they bloom.

It is with a sad heart that I tell you our backyard girl passed away. the sweet chicken we had in our home to heal. She was smart and helpful! I don’t have to till my garden this year because she did it for me. We had actually just talked about trying to add her back to the flock. Then she was gone. As much as I wanted to fight it I am come to the conclusion of yep I had a pet chicken.

One thought on “Spring is FINALLY seeming like a possibility!

  1. Your seedlings are more adaptable than most people think. There are all sorts of recommendation about how they should not be planted any deeper than they grew or how their roots should not be disturbed, or that their roots ‘should’ be disturbed and spread apart when planting. Yet, tomatoes grown on farm are planted by machines! If mine get etiolated (stretched) I plant them much deeper than they should be, with only their foliated tops sticking out of the soil. I put no effort into spreading the roots out, but I am none too careful with them either. The little plants can figure it out.


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