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Gardens / Plants / Mother’s Day

So my garden plans are done. We had to remove boxes this year. The growth of our tree and neighbors trees have plunged those boxes into way to much shade. It makes me sad but it also is a good thing. We planted some more flowering plants that like shade there to help bring pollinators to the yard.

We are keeping it simple this year because we have a lot of camping plans. Also I learned the hard way what my family will eat and what they won’t. (Example I grew and canned a ton of cucumbers to make pickles … no one really likes pickles in my house) Oh also I still have a ton of the pepporchini peppers canned from last year that I don’t need to plant those until next year. My strawberry plants are looking beautiful and green. The parsley that I had last year came back, which surprised me because I thought the chicken had eaten it all. SO that’s good.

My little green babies are doing well. Well most of them. Our pepper plants didn’t germinate so unfortunately we will have to buy plants this year but I am thinking those little sweet pepper ones instead of wonder peppers. The basil and slowly growing. And the celery is growing but I have no idea if this is normal looking. So I guess we will see.

Celery and Basil

The tomato plants are doing well! My mother-in-Law should be happy. Her usual person she buys plants from isn’t selling anymore. So she asked me to do it for her this year. 15+ plants. They are currently taking over my kitchen so I need to get them to her soon, but first I have to harden then off a little.

SO my boys are taking me camping for Mother’s Day. I made Campfire Meatloaf Bombs. I have been working on the recipe so if it is a hit you will hear about them soon! I hope this post finds you well and i just want to wish all those MOMs out there a beautiful and peace filled day.


One thought on “Gardens / Plants / Mother’s Day

  1. I would say it is late to be putting tomatoes into the garden, but I have not done so yet. The garden was off limits until two weeks ago, and I still have done nothing with it. Oh my! I don’t have climate as an excuse.


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