Chicken Coop Upgrade

Our ladies are not the nicest ladies to each other. They have pulled each others feathers out. They are not nice. We are always looking for ways to make their lives and space better so they will be nicer to each other. So we know, I should say I NOW know, the chickens will eat grass to the roots so it won’t grow back. I learned this very quickly. The run area used to be totally covered in grass, now not so much. Well we needed to figure something out to fix this issue.

So we figured out what we were going to do. We planted grass seeds and clover seeds very thickly then put good soil on top. We then cover the area with a 2x4x5 foot box with hardware cloth over top. That way the grass and clover and grow and grow and the chickens can get the tops but not get to the roots. We made two boxes to give the girls enough green stuff.


Then we added a 3 gallon waterer. To make sure they have plenty of water. SO they have to 2 blue water bowls and the new 3 gallon waterer.


A sweet friend of mine allowed me to grab some sod she removed from her yard where she made a flower bed. I put the sod down in the run on a Thursday before we left to go camping for the weekend and those ladies had it gone by the time we got back.


Hopefully all of these additions will help the ladies stay healthy and nice. Our ladies are lazy girls. They don’t lay until the afternoon and they don’t lay the way they should. Hopefully they were start to lay more regularly.

P.S. I also learned a hard lesson – don’t wear flipflops with your toes painted red…OUCH!

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