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Garden update!

So our garden this year had to be changed up a little. Our first garden bed in the shape of an E is on its last leg. This year will be that last year for it. It is rotting but more than that because we could fix that, the trees have grown in such a way that it doesn’t get enough direct sunlight.

We planted plenty of tomatoes: 3 cherry, 3 roma, 3 brandywine, 3 delicious. Then in our back bed we got 4 volunteer plants.

We planted a jalapeno plant – picked some – they are hotter than I expected. I tried to make poopers and just getting it close to my mouth it was very spicy. They didn’t have the striation that is supposed to be the tell tale sign of heat so I don’t know what made them so hot unless they were mislabeled at the store. Also our volunteer tomato plants are crowding it out … not really all that sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.

Yep you read that correctly, this year got away from us and was a little crazy so we bought our jalapeno, bell, cucumber, squash, and zucchini plants from the store. The squash and zucchini plants to doing great! Those leaves are HUGE!!!! they are producing some great fruits! I love zucchini and squash cooked in the cast iron!


Oh and our on a whim plant pumpkin! Our littlest love went with us when we went shopping and asked very sweetly if he could grow his own this year. Anytime they want to grow their own anything – its a yes from me. Such a great learning experience. Those are doing great and I hope we will get some great carving pumpkins out of it!

My mom got some asparagus roots this year and gave them to me to try to grow. Our first set are in my raised E garden bed and do very poorly. It turns out asparagus should be in a raised bed as it gets too cold for the roots that way. So hopefully they will produce a lot next year. We had to fence them off because bunnies are an issues this year and they tried to eat them down to the ground.


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