De-Clutter Challenge

Oh, my goodness you guys I am so excited out this challenge we have in my little family right now. My husband and I have looked around our house and realized there is a LOT and I do mean a FLIPPPIN LOT of extra stuff EVERYWHERE! So, we are doing something about it.

We made a challenge for the WHOLE family. And let me tell you the boys are so very (NOT) excited about this. BUT I AM!!!

Hubby and I have to remove 3 things daily from our house, shed, or vehicles. It can be trash, broken items, or unused items. So, by the end of the year between the two of us that should be over 2,100 items.

That may seem like a lot but in reality, it may, most likely will be much much more. Since I cleaned out the pen/paper/scissors/etc. drawer and threw away a bunch of stuff but only counted it as like 6 items.

Items will be given to a very sweet lady who just purchased her first house. What she doesn’t want if it can be sold it will/is being sold. Then other items will be donated if it is in quality shape and not just garbage.

So far, we are off to an amazing challenge. We have tackled the attic. You guys it was super super super (I can’t say super enough times) full. I had bins upon bins for each holiday. We had baby stuff that needed sorted and organized since we are done having kids. Hunting gear, fabric, keepsakes, canning, baking, party supplies, and oh so much more.

So after we tackled the attic hubby and the items were out of the house, then we marked off a whole month worth of declutter. To be honest we got rid of a ton of stuff way more than a month but we just picked an amount and went with it.

Our youngest who has a ton of stuff to declutter is all on board and has gotten rid of 11 items already and he only has to do 1 item a week. Our oldest who did a major clean out of his stuff last year (so has a lot less to declutter than the rest of us) is right on track with what he needs to declutter. So very proud of this whole family and the progress we are making!

I highly suggest you try something like this with your family. If you haven’t done something like this before start slow but I am sure you all will be very happy when there is less clutter / stuff that needs to be cleaned all the time.



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