Learning Home Improvements

So, I am a very lucky girl. I don’t know if I have ever told you this before, but my husband is a Handyman. Well I recently started to work with/for him. Which means I am learning or trying to learn some of his knowledge so I can help him when needed. Which is helpful being a homeowner.

We live in a house that was built in the 1950s. Before we moved in, we painted all the walls and ceilings. Added a half bathroom to our house. Replaced carpets and flooring and did a quick remake of the kitchen. The kitchen is not the finished product, but it is so much better than it was. I should qualify those statements. When I say “we” painted I mean my husband and family friends. And the rest of the updates were done by my husband and his dad. I had given birth to our littlest love 1 week before we closed on the house.

So anyway, when we moved into the house it had a couple of places with louvers and right by the front door is a louver over top of what was a flower box. Now we could have ripped it all out, but we would have had to redo the ceiling. My family room (by the front door) have a coved ceiling that I think is beautiful. So, in order to remove the louver and flower box we would need to remove or try to repair a coved ceiling. It wouldn’t be the same, so we chose to leave it. Well it has bugged me for over 5 years.

Well my sweet loving husband did something about it. He removed the top which held the flower box. Then he opened up the wall to make that area into a cabinet. So, for us it has become a game cupboard. If we no longer use it as a game cupboard it can be turned into an area where shoes are kept so they are out of sight by the front door.

He had to remove dowel rods that attached the louver area to the top of the flower box area. Then he removed the top and replaced it with a new piece of wood and put the trim back on. He had to go buy new dowels because the new piece we used for the top was not as thick as the last top. We haven’t installed those yet because Hubby ended up heading out of state to help my brother.

He cut into the wall, which to our surprise was made from solid wood not drywall. So, I watched all of this because I don’t so much trust myself with power cutting tools. We cleaned out the inside, painted the inside white so it would be brighter and put flooring down on the bottom. He installed new cabinet doors. We chose to not put pulls on the cabinet so that they were not sticking out into the walk area.

I really LOVE my new cabinet. I’m so thankful my hubby wants to teach me what he knows, and for all his hard work he has done around our house. It was nice that I was FINALLY able to help with something in this house.



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