Next Home Improvement Project – Drywall Texture

So, I started this blog because I was learning how to be a country girl. I am still a work in progress. I garden – I only partially dislike it still… you know spiders, dirt, and bugs. I like to can or freeze the produce I grow or buy locally. I am working on my cooking and baking skills and recipes; this I LOVE to work on. I am learning how to improve on my home and fix things instead of just getting new.

So now my husband is teaching me how to make improvements to the house. We had a company come in and blow insulation into our outer walls. They were surprised how much they actually had to put into the walls. The Retrofoam guys said they put as much insulation into our house for a house twice its size. Meaning we had little to no insulation in our walls. (This is NOT a paid advertisement but We are very happy with the outcome and would recommend them!)

Well because of the type of siding on our 1950s house they had to drill holes into our walls inside the house. We then went back in and capped them and applied a quick layer of drywall compound then paint so the holes blended mostly. Once again as in past posts when I say “we” I mean hubby.

We (now I actually mean we) are going to fix it so that the holes are textured to match the walls. Then paint and update the rooms. It has been 6 years since the rooms have been painted and everything is needing a little refresh.

Hubby is teaching me how to scrape down the hole and then using 45-minute compound I did a skim coat. Then 210 compound mixed thinner and going back in and adding texture to the area and fanned out so it matches the whole wall. It is definitely a work in progress. Hubby keeps encouraging me saying texture can be difficult. I will continue to work on it so again a work in progress, but I feel good working on more and more around my house and being able to help!

So, one bedroom is textured and painted. But a bunch of rooms still to fix, that means a trip to the home store and now that is becoming dangerous because I am no longer trying to get out of there as fast as possible. Which just leads to me finding new things that I want to learn. Anyway one room down and a bunch to go, so I’m off to the home improvement store I go.


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