Sleeping Gardens

The weather is getting nicer and nicer, but I am no fool, Mother Nature has tricked me before so I will continue to day dream about my garden until its closer to Mothers Day. That being said I keep looking about my window at my gardens. This E garden, was our first garden. It is now on the schedule to be demolish. That’s hard for me. It’s where I started this adventure. But because of how the trees grew it doesn’t get enough sun and plus the wood was rotting. So it’s time to say goodbye.


Our strawberries are sleeping away, we are planning on extending the strawberry box this year. With another couple of feet to grow hopefully we will get an even better crop this year … we shall see.


Last year wasn’t great for our tomatoes. We had blossom end rot. Which we have never had before. But it was also the wettest spring we have had since we started. But because of it I have added egg shells to the garden bed already and will add more when we actually plant as we usually do.

This section was were we planted the sunflowers and pumpkins last year. I am sure we will do those again. The pumpkins were super easy and the Sunflowers are beautiful.


When I look outside I see a signs of spring. I am also starting the seeds for our tomatoes. More to come of seeds and the garden plans.

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