Seeds ARE Planted

We started our seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and pumpkins around March 15. We have other things we are thinking about planting this year but currently these are the only seeds we need to start. We started them in a black tray with a clear plastic lid to create a greenhouse effect. We started the trays in our kitchen window, then the plants got to tall for the plastic greenhouse tray so hubby build the greenhouse inside again.

I planted 12 of each Delicious tomatoes and 12 Sweeties. Then I got to thinking I need to plant a few different kinds maybe some Roma and San Marzano tomatoes this year again, so I did. The spaghetti sauce I made unfortunately did not turn out well I must have used may to much seasoning. My inlaws like mostly the small cheery tomatoes, my parents want a few plants of each … maybe. Then I will have a few of each.

We have the strawberries we already planted and like I said in a pervious post we will extend the strawberry patch this year. We also have the asparagus we planted, some was in the E garden so it had to be moved. I hope both of those produce well.

When we get closer to the last frost date we will be planting summer squash and zucchini. I probably should have waited for the pumpkins … they are getting really big and will need to be planted outside as soon as possible. We are going with a simpler plan this year since we removed the E garden.

With the things happening in our world this winter and spring I believe that having our own garden is very important. Planting, growing, harvesting, eating and storing what we can when we can is something our ancestors did well and maybe we all need to think a little more about that. At the same time we don’t want to just grow things that our family will not use or enjoy.

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