Backyard update

You guys hubby and I had to have a serious conversation about our back yard. It can get flooded in places, the gardens need to be redone or removed due to tree growth, then there is the depression in the ground and more.

The first year we moved in … actually within the first few months of living here we had to dig up the backyard and redo the sewer line. The clay tiles of the old sewer line were all broken than the tree had roots growing in it. Well we got it fixed and filled back in and we packed the ground down, a lot. Yet mother nature let us know that we still didn’t do it enough. So, we ended up with a depression down the sewer line, of course after the grass had grown back in.

Well when we had the conversation, we decided we were going to rent a de-sodder and dig up clay from other parts of the yard (high areas) and pack it down in the depression. With being home for a few weeks we did just that.

We dug the clay out from the area where we plan on planting the pumpkins. And I mean we dug out MANY MANY MANY wheel-barrows full of clay to raise that depression. Then we deconstructed the E garden and moved all that dirt to the area where the pumpkins will be grown, to replace they clay we removed. It worked out well, other than one section we left because a mama bunny had her litter in corner. It was a little bittersweet for me because that is where I started my journey. Lets be honest though … I still have a long way to go.

We also started the process to enlarge the strawberry garden, we will transfer some of the runners to the new area when we are done with it. We will need to get more dirt / compost to help mix in with all the clay. A LOT MORE of digging in the clay. Let me tell you I got my workouts digging all that clay.

Since we had the yard de-sodded, we took the opportunity to run a water line to the back fence so I don’t have to lug the hose all over the yard. So, while hubby was running the water line, I laid grass seed. We had a lot of bald spots in our yard, which I’m sure could be prevented by chemicals. However, I don’t like to put chemicals on our lawn, first of all we have a dog and dog sit all the time. Secondly, I don’t think it is really all that great for the land or insects. So, since we have no dogs, besides our own that are going to be here for awhile we figured it was a great time to seed the yard.

So, all this was done in a two-ish week time period but there is still more to come. I’ll keep you updated.

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