Off week . . . ok maybe weeks?

Have you ever had one of those weeks were nothing seems to be working right in the kitchen? You know where every recipe you make, even tried and true recipes are just off. Well I am having a few of those weeks, of course at the worst possible time. I ended up needing to have surgery the other week. So, before surgery I wanted to get ahead and made stuff Hubby could pull together for dinners or breakfasts.

I made a banana crumb cake so the boys could help themselves for breakfast. I of course added chocolate chips because that is how they like it. But it is still sitting on my counter with only maybe 4 pieces missing over a week later because the taste was off. So, in my mind I wanted to blame it on the bananas…maybe the ones from the freezer had taken on a funny taste. Yeah that it is, it was freezer cross flavor that messed it up had to be. Not my fault for sure, right?


Then I had made a meatloaf. All mixed and formed into a loaf and wrapped in parchment then plastic wrap and frozen to be pulled out and thawed for dinner later in the week. Well for some reason it ended up with a like “crust” all around the outside of the meatloaf. Then the inside was just a strange texture. Hmmmmm, I have not figured out what to blame that on…anyone have an idea, because it couldn’t have been my fault, AGAIN!

Then hubby brought home some zucchini and I roasted those up in the oven, like I have at LEAST a million times before. They were difficult to swallow knowing the aftertaste you were going to have. OK, so maybe the zucchini was past its prime and that is why it had a strange taste?!?

Then after recovery I got back to making dinner every night, because what other choice do I really have, we have to eat. I made a recipe that I KNEW just KNEW we all loved; I even made the full amount so we could have leftovers for lunches. Homemade beef stroganoff. You guys I left out a key ingredient in making the sauce. Like totally and completely forgot about it. I kept saying I don’t know why it is so dry, it should be creamier than this. At least an hour later when I was putting away my recipe binder, don’t judge I know I took forever to get dinner cleaned up, I’m moving a little slower. Anyway, I looked at the recipe and was like now I KNOW why it was so off, I completely forgot the can of soup!!!!! OK, so this one is totally my fault, reading error, oops!


Anyway a few things have gone right breakfast for dinner bacon and French toast, tacos, Hawaiian Pineapple, shells and cheese (but who can mess up that?). So maybe my streak has ended, and I will be posting more yummy recipes again soon! I just wanted to be real with you all. We cant always have recipes that are out of this world perfect every time. We just try our best and try again… or you know blame it on things out of your control….like I did.


On another more positive note:

I hope you have a Wonderful weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who are celebrating this weekend. To those who maybe need a reminder especially in these strange times we are in, give that very special woman in your life some EXTRA LOVE!


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