Backyard Planted

So, where I live the normal standard for planting in the ground is after Mother’s Day. Well that was the other weekend, so my tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, dill, zucchini, and yellow squash are planted. We have been taking the plants outside to get the sun and breeze to help harden them off for like two weeks on and off (read: when I remember to take them outside). But to be honest with you all since I had those health issues and needed surgery my seedlings were very very low on my radar so they looked rough (to put it nicely) when we planted. I am not confident that they will grow or produce anything this year … we shall see.


I actually didn’t make it to starting my zucchini and squash inside this year. So, we will see how long it takes for me to actually get some fruit from the plants. Hubby and I are also trying to new method to the squash this year. We are going to use plant cages to lift the leaves up off the ground to see if we get more that way. Maybe we will do 1 plant each way to see the difference.

Our littlest love got his pumpkins planted. Those were so easy to deal with last year and made him so happy we did it again. Hopefully, we can get a few BIG carving pumpkins out of if this year. Unfortunately after getting the plants into the ground they died. So we planted more seeds directly into the ground and we will see how those do.

The strawberry runners have been moved into the expanded area of the patch. I do hope to get a TON of berries this year. I just need to get a layer of straw around them to help with moisture.


The grass seed is coming up well where our OLD E garden was removed a month or so ago.


Oh, we also planted (or transplanted I should say) some hydrangea. Hubby grew these from clippings from my parent’s old house. They were huge and beautiful there but have never been happy at the front of our house. We hardly get any sun to the flower bed. I hope these babies are happy and grow like crazy in the backyard. when I was doing research on hydrangea according to multiple places on the internet if you plant eggshells with them, they tend to be pink and if you plant coffee grounds, they tend to be blue. Another thing to test, I guess. Then we moved some daffodils from the same front flower bed to the back. I don’t know what we are going to do up front. Nothing that flowers seems happy up there, as we only get 2ish hours of afternoon in the flower bed. I would welcome any ideas for shade bushes that are not boxwoods or yews.




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