Gardens coming along

So, my garden took a hit this year. With my health issues my seedlings were forgotten. Then after they were planted the crazy amount of bunnies this year have caused another problem.

So thankfully my kind neighbors had some extra sweet cherry tomato plants and cucumber pants. Then another wonderful lady I know planted extra plants of heirloom tomatoes and I got a few of those too.

We ended up planting new pumpkin seeds that seem incredibly happy and are growing well. We direct sowed the squash and zucchini seeds. We had plants growing in each mound BUT those bunnies ate them down to the ground. But everything is that is left is looking great

The basil I planted is still small but growing well. Then the new strawberry plants had trouble because yep you guessed it bunnies! But we got enough of the strawberries from our established plants for some Angel Food Cake to celebrate Father’s Day last weekend. The flavor was amazing. Homegrown berries cannot be beat in the flavor department.

Love having my garden and thankfully some other people helped this year. Hubby even installed a drip water system so that I don’t have to drag the hose all over the yard. It is wonderful! Happy Gardening all!


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