Squash Bugs

Squash bugs are YUCK and very annoying. Once they get a hold in your garden there is no easy way to remove them and keep them out. They will lay eggs and eat (AKA destroy) your squash plants. The will also go on cucumber plants and pumpkin plants as well.

Preventative measures are the best possible but there is really organic way to keep them away for good. You see the adults will overwinter in dead plants, rotting wood, wood piles, even in cracks in your home. Then in springtime when the weather warms, they come out and find food.

So, the best thing you can do is check each leaf every single night for eggs. Normally they are on the underside of the leaves, but we have found many on the top of the leaves as well.  When you find eggs, you need to cut that leaf off and put it in a plastic bag and throw them away. I have read where you can pick off the eggs (or use tape to pull them off) and squash them but we just remove the whole leaf.

So here is what you are looking for:

The young bugs have black legs and grey bodies. The adults can be confused for stink bugs because of their look. Our plants have taken a hit but like I said other posts we are still getting fruit from our zucchini and squash plants, so we are thankful for what we get. The cucumber plants are done for. But we are getting to the point where things are going to die off soon anyway, so it is not a huge loss.

But we definitely have enough squash that I have pureed in the food processor and have frozen in bags of 1 cup and 1 ½ cups for future use. My kids will be happy in the fall, winter, and spring before next years crop is ready.

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