Garden Box Clean Up … ???

Well those squash bugs have finally done my plants in. They ate their way through the stems of the squash and zucchini plants and feasted on the leaves and stem. So, while we were doing our best removing the eggs and bugs while we saw them, it wasn’t enough.

I did more research into those evil spawns.  I found out that those evil bugs overwinter in dirt, rotting wood, walls of sheds or houses … basically everything that is … you know, part of a normal backyard.

I read on the internet, so it must be true, that a way to rid your garden of them is burn the bed where the squash plants were located. Well we did just that! We had a garden box burning. Now the bed was made of wood, but the wood was rotting and needed to be replaced before next planting season. This picture was taken before the squash bugs took over.

So burning of the dirt and garden box happened. We spent the evening with the water hose, spraying down our fence to make sure it did not burn. Watching a beautiful fire dance in the evening light. Oh, and making sure we kept watering our neighbor’s plants so they wouldn’t die of the heat because dear lord was that HOT!!!

I truly hope this does take care of those evil spawns. They are a pain in the you know what. So, we still have the pumpkin patch that we will need to burn in the fall after the harvest. The pumpkins are in the same family as the squash. And yes, we have been watching for eggs and bugs, but it just isn’t easy with that patch.

So we shall see if it worked … but I guess it is something we will not know until next planting season.   Here is the after math. Those boards you see were the front of the garden bed, but I asked hubby to pull them off and said we would burn them later .. I was tired and hot.

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