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Fall is in the air … soon!

Fall is right around the corner. The cooler weather is upon us … some days at least. Evenings are for dropped temperatures and fires. My favorite time of year. Enter smiles just because the weather is not as hot, but it is still sunny.

Lighting up the night with a warm fire!

Our pumpkin patch has dead leaves and is ready to be picked. We look to have 10-12 pumpkins at least from a distance. None are huge but they will be good for decorating the house. Oh and we have some that are still a dark green but I like that to be honest because it gives the different colors. SO that means it is time for fall / Halloween décor to be put up! Yep I LOVE FALL!!!!!!

Soup season has me trying new recipes. Hubby grew up with his mom making chicken rival soup. I had never ever ever heard of it. So, since we have been trying to make a different dinner every night of the month, I gave it a try. It is super simple. Broth, soup base, flour, and egg. That is it! You mix the egg in with the flour and pour it into the broth and boil for 10-20 minutes depending on the size of your rivals (which is the egg flour mixture) and serve. It would be great for someone who is feeling sick. Not much flavor but warm and comforting. We have tried a few recipes that the recipe went straight into the trash can. The flavor was either a bust or no one in the family liked it. Be prepared for some fall and cold weather favorite recipe coming in the next weeks.

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