Good Night Garden

The weather has turned so garden beds needed to be cleaned up and tucked in for winter. I don’t grow fall crops, normally because by the time fall comes, I am done with having to deal with the garden. Also, this year for some reason I was having some sort of allergic reaction when I was near my tomato plants. My throat got itchy and tight, so I kept my distance. Unfortunately, this year we were not great about staying on top of the plants and some of our tomato vines went into our neighbor’s yard. So, hubby walked over there and knocked on their door and ask them if it was ok for him to enter their back yard to clean up everything that fell. She was very appreciative

Remove the basil, tomato plants, the dried leaved and things that fell to the ground. It is really important to remove all the dead and dried leaves and stems so no disease or issues from this year will winter over for next year. You should also be careful of the leaves that you allow to stay in your bed over winter as some are not health for composting, such a pin oak leaves, those need to be removed.

We did a burn of the pumpkin patch, to once again to try to win out over those darn squash bugs. We shall see next year, I guess. This bed didn’t burn nearly as long as our other garden bed because we did not have it enclosed with a wooden box.  So, while we did add wood to it to keep it burning to make sure the dirt got hot enough it wasn’t nearly has hot as the last burn.

The asparagus will need to be chopped and the ferns laid over the top to help them stay warmer this winter. But that has to wait until the ferns turn brown. The strawberries need cut down and then will be tucked in under straw for winter plus it makes it mulched for next spring!

This year kind of got away from us when it came to the garden. It was not a priority for me like I thought I would be. School from home, working, surgery, a loved one lost, trying to focus on the positive of everyday took charge. But with all the went one we realized what means more to us. Time with our family has ALWAYS been important to us but now more so.

That being said the Gardens may take a back seat and be smaller next year. Something less maintenance so we can camp when we want without worrying about the plants at home. We will also not be starting seeds inside this year as of right now because with school from home as my focus plants just wont win on my free time radar.

Sweet dreams gardens, rest and be ready for next year … whatever that may bring.

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