Kitchen Remodel…just the beginning.

So, we have lived in our home for close to seven years. I was crazy pregnant when we were house hunting. We also had a child already in school, so I was STUCK on buying in the same school district. Due to my unwillingness to move out of district and needing to get into a home from our apartment our options were limited.

We wound up getting a house with a great backyard on a dead-end street (I grew up on a dead-end street and it was awesome) that was built in the 50s and had nothing done to it since then. You guys in the original kitchen the oven was not even big enough to fit a 9×13 baking dish. So, before we moved in some work needed to happen first to make it work. Every single room of the house was painted fully, ceiling, walls, and trim. Old carpet had to go, there was that old closed up house smell in it. We planned on leaving the bathroom to fix up until later but when a section of tile fell off the wall we updated the bathroom too. Then the kitchen had to have some work done.

Hubby was amazing at getting so much done. The kitchen was “updated” with the thought of we will do the kitchen when we can. We had to get a stove and oven into the space and get some counter space. So, hubby pulled the kitchen together and made it workable and livable for the last 7ish years. But we finally made the decision to get me a fully updated kitchen and install a pantry.

All of this to say I am looking forward to my new kitchen BUT I will not have a kitchen for at least a week … if not longer since hubby and I will be doing all the work ourselves. I am looking forward to helping this time since last time I was recovering from a C-section and was not allowed to help.

So, I pulled together a list of dinner crockpot meals to make my life easier. Some I have featured on my blog before, so I made a list here. Others are recipes i have not added to my blog yet and I would guess that I wont have the time or remember to get pictures of the others.

Pulled Pork
Steak Fajitas
Salisbury Steaks
Chicken Parmesan
Beef Roast
Mississippi Roast
Italian Meatball Soup
Crack Chicken
Creamy Butter Garlic Chicken

Cereal, or maybe some prebaked goodies for breakfasts. Lunch … um cold meat and PBJs here we come.

I was going to try some of the get everything prepped and thrown in a baggie in the freezer to try to make my life even that much easier. However, the first thing we ordered was the cabinets. We were told 6-8 weeks, and that with everything with last year it would most likely be closer to 8 weeks. Well, we got a call that they were going to be delivered on the 25. Just a mere 4 weeks after we ordered them.

Hmmm we shall see how all of this goes! Wish us luck!

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