Kitchen Remodel update 2

Cabinets, counter tops, range hood, and flooring have all been ordered. Some of it is in some of it is taking its time but it is worth it. When we started the remodel, it meant I was going to be without a fully working and functioning kitchen. I planned on being all prepared for the chaos. I made a menu and planned to prep everything I could. However, when we got the call that the cabinets were to come in two weeks before the earliest they were supposed come in things went to CHOAS FAST!

I packed up the upper cabinets so they could be removed so we could pull down the bulkhead. So that hubby could fix the drywall and the ceiling. Then I removed the pulls off the cabinets doors and removed all the faceplates from the outlets.

Bulkhead is down, hubby fixed the drywall and moved outlets and added insulation to the empty voids. We are not surprised now that the upper cabinets were so cold. NO INSULATION!

Then I went through all the lower cabinets and emptied those and pulled the handles. I have stacks of stuff everywhere. I have flooring in the family room stacked behind the couch. I have my new range hood box sitting in my bedroom. Piles of boxes and things from my kitchen in our family room as well as in the game room. We also have the kitchen table on end in the dining room we our old couch and chairs stacked there as well. A family friend got a new couch and gave us their old one to see if we really wanted a sectional. I do still want a sectional but maybe not as big. Which just makes the chaos even better and bigger.

Hubby had to cut the ceiling down to the middle of a ceiling joists so he could make the necessary repairs while replacing the missing ceiling pieces. So we put plastic over the fridge, microwave, and stove. We also put plastic over the dishes and piles of stuff in the family room and furniture in the dining room just so they didn’t get coated in drywall dust.

So once the drywall was repaired on the walls and ceiling it was time to pull the trim and flooring.  We moved the fridge into the family room since we cannot be without a fridge. The stove was moved to the garage until floor and cabinets could be removed and the new ones installed.

The toaster oven and crockpot are my new best friends. I have to say that those crockpot liners – extremely helpful. We are using disposable plates, cups, and dishes as much as possible. I have to say you guys washing dishes in the bathroom is not making me a happy girl … but I know it is all worth it, in the end. It will all be worth it.


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