Kitchen Remodel 3

The kitchen is coming along quite nicely. We had eaten out more than I ever planned on. But I hope that will be ending soon. I miss cooking. I miss baking. I miss knowing everything that is put into a dish. I am sick of oatmeal, cereal, cold lunch meat sandwiches and Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches. HOWEVER, i do know that at the end of all this I will be crazy happy.

The pantry area is a space we are claiming to now be a part of the kitchen, think butler pantry. This space was a part of the backroom, but it was kind of wasted space.  We had to remove carpet, build up the floor to the same height as the kitchen floor and install flooring, build a wall, install a recessed light, then install the pantry cabinet, shelves, and finally paint the walls. That is all work for just a small 36-inch wall space. YUP it is a lot of work. The shelves have not been built yet and the light has not be installed yet. But the floor is done as is the the wall.


After we removed the flooring, we had to put down a new subfloor and then install the new flooring. So, the flooring is in. You guys I literally danced as I was handing each piece of the new flooring to hubby. He was exhausted but it made him smile. I was so happy and I LOVE my new floor.


The cabinets that put us into chaos because they were scheduled to come in early didnt come the week we were told, but they came a week later which is still earlier then expected orignally. Unfortunately the cabinets came in damaged so we are working with the company to try to get the issues resolved. These upper cabinets we installed were mostly ok. There is some damage on the doors and missing a screw so we are just going to have to doors replaced. The large lower cabinet is fine but the smaller one needs to be completely replaced, but we put it into place so we could install the other cabinet.

The countertop is ordered and should be in soon I believe, then next up will be tile and paint.


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