Kitchen Update 4

So … Bulkhead removed and walls fixed. Lights installed. Floor pulled and new flooring put down. Butler pantry floor built and the wall built as well. Cabinets deliever and the ok cabinets were installed. Some whole cabinets needed to be replaced and some doors needed replaced as well, the cabinet rep and her boss will be over this week to talk it all out in person and so they can see all the damage, since it is hard to see if photos. Counter top should be in anyday now. Then we can start tile work.

I had a really hard time picking what tile we would use. I am not one who can look at parts and pieces and see it all altogether. We choose to do a white subway tile. Then in the niche we did this beautiful glass tile with this almost mirrored edge effect in a herringbone pattern. It all looks stunning. We did the subway tile on both sides of the kitchen as the backsplash.

The wall that doesnt actually have any cabinets hanging on them will be painted a beautiful color. I just havent really decided on the color. I have a square painted on the wall but I dont know if I am sold on it. So I will wait until the decision is made.

I am getting back into the grove of cooking in my own kitchen. We have had Tacos, Creamy Chicken, Cheesy Corn Chowder, Chicken Tetrazinni, Steak, and of course mac and cheese with chicken nuggets. However my youngest seems to be missing the days of take out and keeps asking for subway. He had decided that subway has the BEST sandwiches ever… i am starting to wonder if I should be offended. Anyway I hope life … read my kitchen … gets back to normal soon!


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