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Spring is HERE!!!

March 20th was the first official day of spring. The weather is turning noticeably nicer. Our yard is needing some clean up. Hubby got it in his head that we needed to de-thatch the year. After he did some research, he learned that you are supposed to de-thatch the yard every 5-7 years…we have never done it! Hubby was right to get it in his head! So, we rented a walk behind de-thatcher thing and worked the yard. (That we by the way was totally the royal we – I had NOTHING to do with it besides watching) we ended up splitting the cost of it with friends of ours who did their yard also in the short 2-hour window.

Then the mess it pulls up needs to be raked up and removed. We got that cleaned up (again ROYAL WE). The yard is looking fantastic. It is getting nice and green. We have decided since our yard is mostly clay, we need to aerate our yard. Again, this is something we have not done since we moved in. It is those little cork-like shapes of dirt you see in people’s yards. We have not done this since we moved in. Did you know with a clay yard it is recommended to do it twice a year….TWICE in one year?!? Oops!!! So that is another toy we will rent, maybe our neighbors will split that with us too!

We decided to transplant hydrangea plants last year from the front to the back where they will get more sun, we also thinned and transplanted irises and planted tulip bulbs in the back yard. Then we planted a Japanese maple, and burning bushes where the hydrangea were before. Those all need some fertilizer added to them to help them out. Then we need to get some new mulch to make sure they have good coverage and to help them keep the soil damp. Our daffodils are looking beautiful as some are opening up. Tulips are growing. SO are those wild orange long stem day lilies (those things are invasive and TAKE OVER, so thinning the herd on those for sure) We are so thankful for this beautiful yard and all the joy it brings us.

We have plans to pull out an old planter we can no longer use because it is too shaded. Then we got free pavers, they are not in great shape and the clients were going to throw them away but we figured we could put behind them our shed where hubby parks one of his trailers and has his ladders so he doesn’t have to walk through mud before work. They wont be seen by others and these will work for that so we might as well reuse something if we can. They may not cover the whole area, but they will make things a little better back there. (REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE – in any way we can).

We uncovered our patio furniture I know it may be a little early, but I love sitting out there on nice days. Sitting out there talking to hubby as he grills, or enjoying a cup of coffee, it is so nice to be able to be outside again.

Unfortunately, I have not been much help as I hurt myself moving a pantry cabinet, more on that next week. We have also decided for sure this year is going to be a lighter year in the Garden. We were not able to start our tomato plants because of the kitchen remodel, which is still on going. So we plan to buy a single plant from 3 varieties, then we will plant zucchini and yellow squash. Our strawberries and asparagus… well it is up to them how well they are going to do this year, so we will see. Also, Pumpkins because they were so easy, and we had a nice outcome! But this summer is going to be able camping, friends, fires, and lower water bills man – those were killer last year!

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