Update on spring?!?

My last post was all about spring is here!!!

Then Mother Nature had other plans. My amazing hubby went along with my crazy, he always goes along with my crazy.

You see we had 60s and 70s weather and then we went down to 30s and 20s. It snowed 4 inches in our area. Then the next day it melted and following night it was a hard freeze.

So Hubby covered our strawberry patch, we used what we had, which was trailers and tarps.

He also covered my tulips in the front and back and he also covered my hydrangea plants. We used those storage totes and we used garbage cans also. We used pallets and traps. We got everything covered so they didn’t get covered with snow and ice!

We thankfully covered and everything came out ok after the freeze. Who would have ever thought I would be that worried about flowers and strawberries… NOT I, but here I am. Happy Spring?

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