Happy Mother’s Day

For this blog I am going to brag on my oldest son! He kickstarted my motherhood journey and he is such a blessing to me.

Anyway, he is in High School. He is taking Spanish and one of their assignments was to pick a Mexican dish to prepare on their own, take pictures, and make a presentation. Normally they would take that dish into school and share but you know COVID so it was shared with family and friends instead.

He choose to make Tres Leches. It is a cake made from scratch, then soaked in 3 different kinds of milk before being topped with a sweetened vanilla whipped cream. I will not be sharing the recipe because it is not mine.

He also mixed the cake batter and did all of the original steps up to cooling the cake without me being home. I am very proud of him.

Here are his pictures of the beginning steps.

Now he has poked the holes with a fork to allow the milks to absorb into the cake. Mixing the 3 milks and pouring over the top.

Whipping the cream, vanilla, and sugar. And the final picture his piece of cake!

It turned out beautifully! It is a very rich cake. All vanilla. Delicious! Thanks, Kid, for working so hard and sharing with us! You also showed me that I might just be doing something right with teaching you how to move through life, you picked a dish that took time, multiple steps, and you started it all while I wasn’t even here! Thanks for making me a mom!

To ALL those mamas out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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